Harold Tarbell Facilitation can help your group communicate and work together more effectively today and plan for the future. Through the following services we apply our knowledge, skills, and experience to your needs:

Planning and Design

Clear objectives are one of the keys to successful outcomes. As part of the development of any initiative, Harold Tarbell Facilitation participates in the planning process to gain insight into the clients needs and contribute to the design and development of an effective agenda and facilitation approach. This can be through face-to-face meetings, conference calls, and where suitable, the use of virtual team communication technologies.


Facilitation needs vary and strategies are designed to meet the requirements of the specific client groups. Whatever the size and design of the forum, Harold Tarbell Facilitation's priorities are ensuring that meeting purposes and objectives are clear, the agenda is focused, and that during the dialogue all voices are heard, key issues are identified, and that participants are actively engaged in moving the dialogue forward and developing levels of increased consensus. Harold uses a wide range of facilitation techniques, suited to the needs and objectives of the client, to encourage flexible thinking, problem solving, and the development of tangible outcomes and results.

Strategic Planning

Harold Tarbell Facilitation is familiar with a number of techniques and models for strategic planning and works with the client to apply those models in flexible, multifaceted ways, tailored to specific needs and objectives. This supports the client's ability to identify the most productive approaches to addressing critical issues in their operating environment.

Clear Outcomes and Relevant Reports

One major outcome of any forum is often the written report. It preserves the outcomes of the event and enables the group to maintain momentum created during an effective forum. Harold Tarbell Facilitation excels in creating clear, comprehensive briefs and reports that document outcomes, provide research and analysis, and position a group for the future. Reports are tailored and can include an outcomes memo, issues-based summaries, and a more detailed facilitator's summary of discussions.

Access to a National Support Network

Harold Tarbell Facilitation has developed a wide range of relationships through which any needed technical, facilitation, or documentation support can be brought to bear on the needs of the client and the objectives of the project. This includes a network of facilitators, note takers and report writers, researchers, and content specialists. Depending on the location of the project or meeting this can make a significant difference in related travel expenses.

Featured Project

Gathering Wisdom Forum
BC First Nations Health Council

First Nations in British Columbia negotiated the transfer of federal health programs and services to the First Nations Health Authority. The Gathering Wisdom Conference is an annual event bringing together First Nations chiefs and health directors, along with federal and provincial partners, to secure input and guidance on the implementation of the Tripartite First Nations Health Plan and the future of health for BC First Nations.

Harold serves as the master of ceremonies for this annual event, as well as assisting in the planning process each year. He has served in this role since 2007 and will MC the 2012 forum, Gathering Wisdom V for a Shared Journey. This project demonstrates Harold's skills in facilitating dialogue on highly technical policy and workforce issues as well as navigating issues related to First Nations self-governance.