In its 20-year history, Harold Tarbell Facilitation has demonstrated expertise with a wide variety of topics.

Government consultations. Harold Tarbell Facilitation is experienced in supporting the vital dialogue between First Nations and Aboriginal governments and the local, provincial, and federal governments of Canada. Having served in tribal leadership roles, Harold has extensive personal knowledge of First Nations and Native American community social, political, and economic structures and processes. In 2012, he served as a facilitator for the historic Crown-First Nations Gathering, where over 170 chiefs met with the Canadian Prime minister and other officials.

Health policy, community, and economic development. Serving clients such as the First Nations Health Council (BC), the Indian Health Service (US), and the Aboriginal Entrepreneur's Economic Development Conference, Harold Tarbell Facilitation has experience in the areas where government policies touch the lives of communities. This breadth of experience allows the identification and encouragement of connections between the many programs that work together to support health, development, and well-being.

Facilitation is the heart. No matter what the issue—from health care to entrepreneurship—Harold Tarbell Facilitation works to bring diverse parties together for clear communication, conflict resolution, and productive dialogue.

Harold says, "Particularly when I work with Aboriginal groups and non-for-profit organizations, my goal is capacity transfer. I bring skills and offer assistance with challenging issues, but I also transfer skills to the people and organizations I work with, so they have greater capacity to deal with challenges and opportunities in the future."

Harold enjoys mentoring and is always pleased when he sees former clients continuing to use facilitation and problem-solving methods that they used in sessions run by Harold Tarbell Facilitation.

Featured Project

Nisga'a Lisims Government

Harold worked with the Nisga'a Lisims government, located in northern British Columbia, to develop the Nisga'a Nation's current vision statement "Sayt-K'il'im-Goot—One Heart, One Path, One Nation." This vision statement continues to be the guiding statement for the nation's website and overall communications efforts, and it influences how the nation structures its approach to governance, management, and reporting issues.

Currently, Harold is helping design a Quality of Life Summit with the Nisga'a Nation, planned for 2012. Outcomes of the summit will be used in creating an overall quality of life strategy for the nation. Harold's expertise in Aboriginal governmental issues and skills in facilitation have helped the Nisga'a Nation articulate its vision, and he continues to assist the nation in its efforts to improve the quality of life for its people.